Double Sided Tapes
We stand by you with high quailty and affordable pirces in your membrane switch and panel label production.
All Response Of Your Packaging
Requests Is At ATM Group.

Production That Fits Your Needs

We are with you with our high-capacity production line that able to produce desired width and length die-cut unit and our custom production that offers custom product shapes and improves productivity in usage area.

Fast and Flexible Production

We all are the rings of supply chain. We are with you with our speed that empowers your production, with our on time production that allows you to keep your promises, with our flexibility that makes you feel that you are not our customer but partner.

Industrial Grade Solutions

Our sales experts offers you to help to choose best solutions in specific industrial conditions such us diffrerent surface, heat and environments and overcoming the difficulties you may encounter during application processes. We are ready to help you with our experienced sales experts.

ATM Grup

ATM established in 2005 to provide high quality entries to Turkish industry that improve its competitiveness on global scale.

We have taken distributorship of polycarbonate film, polyester film, hardcoat polyester film, PVC Film and sheets which have international quality qualification so we allow our customers to reach these products at reasonable prices and take acompetitive advantages.

In year 2006 we added adhesive tape groups to our product distribution portfolio. Our profession is providing appropriate products which varies during industrial use such as different thermal and environmental characteristics and desired length, width, shape in die-cut unit of our high-capacity machinery park.

We continue on our way of being with our customer which are using our products in their production process in long term without compromising quality by offering them goods and services which are keeping them one step ahead from their competitors.

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